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Goblin Patrol

In the 1990’s a dangerous and deadly trend was sweeping the country. AF9SE Goblin PatrolAs a part of the Halloween holiday, malicious people were throwing pumpkins, watermelons or rocks off overpasses of the highways and interstates in America.  This caused numerous accidents, injuries and even deaths.  Fortunately, this has not happened in Johnson County for many years.  This is in large part because the members of the MidState Amateur Radio Club (MARC) volunteer for “Goblin Patrol”.  Every year at the request of the sheriff in Johnson County, MARC members volunteer to sit alongside the overpasses up and down Interstate 65 and keep a watchful eye for anyone that wants to repeat this dangerous prank.  If you’re out and about on Halloween night and see a suspicious vehicle along the road, it may well be one of us keeping an eye on things to keep the goblins away.  73’s all.   

Here is a link to the History Channel with the history and some interesting information on our 2nd favorite holiday, second only to Christmas. 


Greater Greenwood Community Band

The Greater Greenwood Community Band was established in 1993 is an 80-plus member volunteer, semi-professional 501(c)-3 not for profit organization that strives to provide exceptional musical performances for their audiences. The Band has a yearlong rehearsal schedule and offers free performances in the south Indy metro and Greenwood area that culminates with their Christmas Concert. Performances are held at the Greenwood High School Auditorium or in the Greenwood Amphitheater at Surina Square Park.

MidState Amateur Radio Club supports the Greater Greenwood Community Band with volunteer traffic assistance in and around the Greenwood Community Center when they host an all-day Band Festival. The Band Festival is a day long program where community bands from across the state give a free public performance and the logistics traffic for the event needs MARC members to volunteer to support their event.

More information about the Greater Greenwood Community Band is at thier web site:        http://greenwoodband.com/


2017 Greenwood Community Band in pictures

Chris, Bob L. and Glenn put up handicap parking sign


Chris directs traffic

Bill directs cart where to pick up passengers

Wilson at park signs directing guests to seating area





Founded in 1984.  MARC is an ARRL Affiliated Club.


ARRL Central Division, Indiana Section  http://www.inarrl.org/